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Birth Stories

The HypnoBirthing class taught me something that I never thought was possible

By 29th August 2016 No Comments

My name is Joel. I am a 29-year-old tradesman and live in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. I am an outdoors guy, love fishing, camping, four wheel drives, a beer or two and good music.

Recently the most amazing thing happened to me, and that was bringing my daughter Bonnie into this world with my amazing wife Eloise!

Joel Eloise BonnieOnce my wife had fallen pregnant, she consistently dropped hints about this “HypnoBirthing” thing. I will take this opportunity to announce that my wife is a midwife by profession, so I hear far more about the ”birthing scene” than the majority of you other blokes out there. Initially, I assumed that HypnoBirthing was just another money making scandal that new age mums jump on in some sort of fashion craze. Oh how wrong I was.

The HypnoBirthing book sat on my bedside table for some weeks before I decided to pick it up. The moment I did; I could not put it down. The raw principals that the HypnoBirthing idea are founded on are not only essential in calm birthing, but are valuable all throughout life. I read about half of the book in the first few days, and I immediately agreed with my wife to invest in doing the course with Joymamma HypnoBirthing.

Much to my dismay, the first HypnoBirthing course began on January 25 around 6pm. Now to all of you that are music lovers, you will know this is around the time of the final top 10 countdown of Triple J’s Hottest 100. Not happy Jan!!! I announced my frustration of poor timing as I entered the classroom, but it almost instantaneously vanished.

The HypnoBirthing class taught me something that I never thought was possible. To love and respect my wife more than I already did. For a man, birth is an extremely difficult thing to deal with, as we have no control. As we blokes all feel, it is our duty to be in control of situation, to keep our loved ones safe and out of harm’s way. But in the birthing suite, there is very little a man can do except one pivotal thing… SUPPORT!

If HypnoBirthing can do one thing for you as a man, it is teaching you how to support your better half. How to encourage her. How to reassure her. How to read her body language and to nurture her. Most importantly, it taught me that as a man, I have a role to play in birth. My wife does not need to do this alone, scared or frightened. Instead, as a team, we birthed our daughter into this world together, calmly, quietly, and more in love with each other than ever before.

I am not saying that I took everything in the book as gospel, but what I did take from it changed my life, and gave my daughter the absolute best start to her life possible! Although the book was great, it would have not taken effect without the course. In the book you can skim read through a chapter, and not appreciate the true lesson behind the words. But in the course, you are forced to challenge yourself and implement the lessons, and the results will ultimately surprise you. I recommend every parent to be to approach the HypnoBirthing idea with an open mind, and I guarantee you will be a better parent and better person for it. It is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made, period.

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