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PLEASE NOTE: That products available for purchase here in the HypnoBirthing Practitioner Store can only be purchased by CURRENTLY CERTIFIED GOLD SEAL HypnoBirthing practitioners. If you place an order and are not “current” with your membership, either because of back dues or required paperwork, your order will be held and not shipped until your membership status is current.

Please do not place an order until this is taken care of as it may take a number of weeks for that to be completed.

  • Caring for Grieving Families who experience Reproductive Loss – Webinar Recording

  • Introduction to Marketing your HypnoBirthing® Business on Social Media

  • Nuts and Bolts of FaceBook for Business

  • Expanding Hypnosis in HypnoBirthing®

  • Media Basics Webinar

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    Keep Calm HB Birth Bag Ten Pack

    $159.50 $137.50