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Birth Stories

The calm and natural HypnoBirthing of Boston 2012

By 3rd September 2013 No Comments

Approaching our due date for our HypnoBirthing birth, I had been feeling the subtle tightening of pre labour surges on and off, they would come for two hours then disappear. Each time I wondered if it would kick into the real deal.


Then on Sunday the 15th of July not long after I climbed into bed I felt something a little more intense. I waited…it came again. I slowly slipped out of bed and made my way to the lounge. I could not sleep but I knew if this was labour there would be plenty of time before things really heated up. I made a tea, put on our birth day playlist (mellow tunes that make me smile), lit some candles and gathered some cushions. Four hours later after a couple of rainbow relaxations and breathing exercises the surges kept coming. I felt so comfortable and relaxed, I even questioned whether this really was labour, it was easier then what I had imagined. I woke Steve to let him know show time was here, but reassured him the most helpful thing he could do would be to go back to sleep and save his energy for the coming day.


At 3am we called my very good friend Aurelia and told her it was time to head to the Gold coast. An acupuncturist and all round amazing person she would be my second birth companion. Aurelia arrived at 5am and gave me my first acupuncture treatment which increased the intensity of my surges and soon after we were on our way to the midwife clinic. I listened to another rainbow relaxation in the car which allowed me to stay relaxed and comfortable as the surges grew longer.


Once at the clinic we made our selves at home, drawing the curtains, setting up our music and relaxing into the space. Our midwife was there to greet us and check on progress, already 5cm dilated! At this point I felt very excited we were in the room our baby would be born in, everything was going well, I felt relaxed and calm. I was able to breath through my surges and bring myself back into relaxation with each exhalation. My amazing birth companions reassured me at every step, using light touch massage through each surge and offering encouragement and positive affirmations constantly. We moved from kneeling to the shower, to walking, squatting, the bath and the birth ball. I even managed to fall asleep between surges, waking with a start as I began to tip into Steve or Auie.


The pressure of our baby moving down came and we moved to the birthing stool. It was here that my waters broke and soon after our baby was born. I must admit that although the surges had become stronger and at times very challenging this was the point I felt the most intensity. After going so deeply within throughout the day and with the constant support of my wonderful birth companions and midwife I was able to stay calm despite the uncertainty that came with such new sensations. I felt so assured I was in safe hands, all I had to do was concentrate on what my body was doing.


Our little boy Boston Richard Gow was born 4:40pm on 16th June, 6lb11 and 51cm. The birth was all we could have hoped for, the most challenging and rewarding experience of life so far. I believe that my ability to stay calm was crucial in achieving the natural birth we wanted. The tools that hypnobirthing gave us were invaluable. We felt confident that we were well informed and very prepared for any path our birth took. Most important for me was how the Hypnobirthing course gave Steven the knowledge to be a part of our birth, it was the perfect start to our journey as a family.


Love Nell, Steve and Boston xox