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Birth Stories

I can’t stand to see my partner in pain of any sort.

By 29th August 2016 No Comments

Ok listen up fellas, here is my gentle persuasion…. Please read through for the sake of your partner and yourself and baby.

Beau Ashley Willow
Do you know what fear does? Most guys do, most of us have been in a fight or a big game, or even a meeting with the boss. Adrenaline kicks in, it makes your legs go to jelly, your palms sweat and if intense can make you lightheaded and short of breath. That is your body sending all your blood to the parts of your body it thinks it needs, heart lungs brain. Same goes for a woman in birth, she needs that blood in the muscles required to give birth, and they are big muscles. When fear and adrenaline take over that blood leaves those muscles and that causes the pain. That pain causes more fear and adrenaline and your partner is in a vicious circle.

HypnoBirthing will teach your partner how to be relaxed and comfortable and confident with what is about to go down, and it will teach you how to help keep her in that frame of mind!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand to see my partner in pain of any sort. When she told me she was interested in this ‘birth without pain’ business I thought it was impossible from all the things I had seen or heard in my life regarding childbirth. Nan said it was excruciating, mum said it hurt like shit, movies make it look bloody worse! So I was sceptical, but if the missus wants to have a go I’ll support her. And guess what? It BLOODY WORKS!

My partner able to birth like a boss, and be in control and empowered throughout the whole birth without medication or doctors intervention, but there was something else… I was able to be a part of my babies birth and do more than sit there as a hand to hold while someone in a mask and gloves dictated the most important day of my life!

I hear every dad say how awesome it is to see bub for the first time, and I agree. The second best thing I’ve ever seen was the love of my life turn into a goddess, a warrior, a picture of focus and strength and to be in control of what was happening! And I was able to help her to do that

Do yourself a favour and listen to your missus. You’ll thank her and she will thank you after. ?


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