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A Four Day Training that will not only change your life, but the families you work with.

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Is HypnoBirthing Training Right For You?

If you're a midwife, doula or would like to start a rewarding new career or small business as a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator helping mother's enjoy calmer, natural and more positive birthing experiences then this training is for you.

As Part Of Your Certification You'll Receive:

  • Internationally recognised certification with the HypnoBirthing Institute (recognised in 46 countries)  
  • 4 day face-to-face training conducted by HypnoBirthing International Australia. The only HypnoBirthing program in Australia that is researched and evidenced based.  
  • The opportunity to help mums and babies enjoy more positive, calmer and safer birthing experiences that require less drugs and interventions .
  • A complete turnkey business solution that gives you everything you need to get started and teaching after certification, including complete step-by-step program lesson plans, marketing materials, promotional video etc.
  • Comprehensive ongoing support from Australian based team and local state committee member
  •  Membership with the HypnoBirthing® Institute that provides an active, online client referral system and directory listing
  • Midwives receive 32 CPD points through Australian College Of Midwives
  • And much more...Download full info pack now.

What you’ll get out of this four day training:

This comprehensive and dynamic training will provide you with everything you need to advance your career or start an exciting and rewarding small business teaching Australian couples this popular premium childbirth education program. 

  • Learn how to teach the 5 session HypnoBirthing® program with confidence and professionalism.
  • Receive easy to follow lesson plans with presentations, Australian relaxation mp3’s, birth videos and handouts for your classes.
  • Understand the awareness of the consciousness of the baby before, during, and after experiencing birth.
  • Gain an understanding of the working of the body’s own natural relaxants.
  • Learn Relaxation techniques that eliminate the Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome.
  • Trust that the mother’s body is designed to work in neuromuscular harmony with nature, and learn proven relaxation techniques to bring about easier, more comfortable labour and birthing, & specific deepening techniques.
  • Understand the three stages of labour as a continuum & varying relaxation skills.
  • Explore prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal parenting and bonding.
  • And so much more!

Recent Statistics From Our HypnoBirthing Parents:

  • Only 12.8 % reported a C-section - against our national average of 33% 
  • Only 20.43% had an epidural - against our national average of 46.5%  

This is a reduction in C-sections by 61%, and a reduction in epidural use by 56%. 

  • 65.27% went into labour spontaneously without any effort to get it started.
  • 12.27% used natural methods to initiate labour, and only 21.86 % were induced by their care providers.  
  • Of those in this group that did have intervention or procedures, only 5.25% said that the procedures or interventions were done without their full understanding or permission.  
  • 82.32% of births ended with mother baby skin to skin immediately or within the first hour after birth.


Our HypnoBirthing Program Is Now Run In These Australian Hospitals:

  • Royal North Shore Hospital Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Manly Hospital Mona Vale Hospital Women’s at Sandringham Epworth Freemasons 

A full business solution

Everything you need to get started and run a successful and profitable business. No previous experience necessary, just a passion for positive birth! You will receive the resources, education and support to run your small business.

Ongoing support

A dedicated team behind you to support you every step of the way. Our supportive community of Educators and leadership team are dedicated to your success.

Internationally recognised

You will become certified with the only program in Australia certified by The HypnoBirthing® Institute ( a global leader of Childbirth Education in 46 countries).

“Absolutely brilliant. I am impressed by the scientific & evidence based philosophy. Now I have all the tools and information in an easy to follow 5 step program. This makes me feel more calm & confident to be able to continue to serve women & their families during this sacred time."

Anjuli Samuriwo, Doula

“I thought the training was really inspirational and has really had a positive effect on the way I practice as a Midwife. Thank you so much, the potential for this course to become mainstream everywhere in the world is such a wonderful and powerful thought. The training has been amazing and I am so looking forward to sharing this gift."

Jackie Barker, Midwife

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What do I get in the info pack?

The information pack will tell you everything you need to know about training with our organisation. You'll receive info on:

  • Course outline and certification requirements
  • Course fees and what's included
  • Ongoing support to run a successful business
  • Who is suitable to do the training and why
  • Our organisation and why we want you on our team!
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