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HypnoBirthing mum talks about how HypnoBirthing taught her to trust her body!

By 19th April 2016 No Comments

We welcomed both of our beautiful children into the world using the incredibly powerful techniques of HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method. HypnoBirthing gave us the skills and was able to focus our minds to create beautiful, calm births for our children. So many woman talk about their fear of giving birth and I just knew that there must have been a way of learning to listen to your body and welcoming your baby in a much calmer way.

We were blessed to have Melbourne HypnoBirthing’s Candace Borg teach us HypnoBirthing, but also be the most amazing birth partner for both our son and daughter’s births. Candace was such an incredible support to both my husband and I. She kept us calm and focused during two very long labours and while both of the births were different, HypnoBirthing was truly one of the most beautiful experiences we have been through.

I recovered very quickly from both births and I truly believe hypnobirthing had so much to do with that and we have such relaxed, beautiful, healthy children.

Thank you Candace, words can’t describe how special it was having you along side us on this journey. We love you to bits.

To anyone considering HypnoBirthing, it really is just learning to trust your body and believing you can do this!! I hope many more woman and their partners can become empowered to have the births they dream of.

Thank you to Michelle Cavanagh, for sharing her HypnoBirthing experience!

Candace Borg

Candace Borg has completed a Biomedical Degree, a Naturopathy Degree and has done courses in Natural Fertility Managament as well as HynoBirthing – The Mongan Method. Therefore you can be assured that Candace can support you through every stage of your pregnancy. It is Candace’s passion to help people fall pregnant, have the most wonderful pregnancy and birthing experience they can and continue to support the wonderful family post birth. Candace works alongside those going through IVF or those who are on other medications to help support their health.

Visit Candace’s Website: http://www.melbourne-hypnobirthing.com.au/

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