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Segment One: Introductory Prerequisites

Introduction to Hypnosis for Birthing

  • Applications of Hypnosis
  • Attitudes About Hypnosis
  • Basics of Brainwave Activity
  • Laws of the Mind
  • Rationale for Hypnosis in Birthing
  • Understanding Clients’ Learning Styles
  • Direct and Permissive Hypnosis Approaches
  • Dangers of Unqualified Therapy
  • Steps to Achieve Hypnosis
  • Mind/Body Associations and Applications
  • Judging Trance Depth
  • Guidelines for Achieving Change
  • Eye Fixation/Closure
  • Elman · Ericksonian · Shanti leads
  • Eyelift Conversion Lead
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Posthypnotic Suggestions
  • Alerting Styles

Birthing Basics (Physiology of Birth)
~ For persons with no birthing certifications

  • The Beautiful Female Birthing Body
  • Anatomy of The Female Reproductive System
  • Conception and Early Fetal Development
  • Characteristics of the Uterus
  • The Baby’s Support System
  • Three Trimesters of Pregnancy
  • Physical Changes during Pregnancy
  • Fetal Positioning during Pregnancy
  • Turning Breech Presented Babies
  • Labour Signals: Normal, Unanticipated
  • Characteristics of Managed Labour
  • Characteristics of HypnoBirthing Labour
  • Onset of Labour
  • Fetal positioning during Birth
  • Labour Stages as Defined in Typical Birthing
  • Labour as Defined in HypnoBirthing
  • Mother-Directed Birthing

Segment Two: Educator Certification

  • Philosophy and Beginnings of HypnoBirthing
  • How the Uterus Works in Birthing
  • What’s Wrong with Labour
  • How Fear Affects Labour
  • The Origin of Fear and Pain in Labour
  • Prenatal Bonding and Fetology
  • Selecting Care Providers
  • Preparing the Mind for Birth
  • Hypnosis Deepening and Visualization
  • Releasing Fear
  • Preparing the Body for Birthing
  • Building a Partnership with Care Providers
  • Turning Breech-Presented Babies
  • Looking at the “Estimated Due Date”
  • Avoiding Artificial Induction
  • Preparing Birth Preference Sheets
  • How the Body Prepares for Birth
  • The Onset of Labour
  • Perinatal Bonding
  • Breathing Through Labour
  • Breathing with Birth
  • Bonding with Baby

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