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Congratulations and welcome to HypnoBirthing.

Father kissing his newborn babyThis is such an exciting time for you both, and we know you are probably feeling a little under-prepared at this time, and also wondering what’s involved in being a great birth partner, and what ‘HypnoBirthing’ is all about! So, we want to share with you what other new dad’s are saying and what you can expect!

The knowledge gained from HypnoBirthing will help you approach the birth of your baby with confidence and excitement – and give you a role to play with a toolbox of techniques, to ensure you are a part of this wonderful experience.

HypnoBirthing dads will learn:

  • How to be intimately involved in the labour and birth of your baby and how you can help your partner stay focused and grounded. Your physical and emotional support is crucial as the hospital midwife will have other women to support and have paperwork, blood pressure, baby monitoring and other tasks to get through.
  • Techniques to support mum during labour, and guide her through labour with your voice and your touch.You will be able to help with breathing techniques for the different stages of labour, offer massage and help with different labour and birth positions.
  • How to avoid unnecessary routine procedures and what to ask if medical intervention is needed so you stay fully in control of the decision-making process surrounding the birth of your baby. You will be the advocate, spokesperson and guide to lead the birth in a direction that is safe, and not intervened with unnecessarily.
  • That through participating in the classes, and practice at home, you will enhance your connection and bond deeply with your baby and partner.

Women often say they are more in love than they ever thought was possible after the nurturing support they receive from their HypnoBirthing Partners!

becoming-dad-certifiedOur classes are not just about expectant mums. We are dedicated to ensuring that the HypnoBirthing course prepares you as a dad to be the best man, partner and father you can be. We know that this ‘becoming dad’ journey is a hugely vulnerable time for a man, so we have ensured that our program gives you what you need to feel and be prepared for this massive event in your life!

Many of our practitioners are ‘Becoming Dad Certified’, which means that they know how to effectively work with expectant and new fathers to achieve the best possible outcomes. Bottom line – You play an important role and your committment is going to make a huge difference for your partner and baby. We can’t wait to work with you to show you how you can be an awesome birth partner and dad!

But don’t just take our word for it – What are all the new dad’s saying?

first time dadFirst time dad feel’s confident with HypnoBirthing!

During my partner’s pregnancy I watched her grow more confident with the concept of giving birth, her confidence in her own body’s ability, and most importantly her mental focus and general well being. Read more…

hypnobirthing partner

Ok listen up fellas, here is my gentle persuasion…. Please read through for the sake of your partner and yourself and baby.

My partner was able to birth like a boss, and be in control and empowered throughout the whole birth without medication or doctors intervention, but there was something else… I was able to be a part of my babies birth and do more than sit there as a hand to hold while someone in a mask and gloves dictated the most important day of my life! Read more….

dads in birth

Recently the most amazing thing happened to me, and that was bringing my daughter Bonnie into this world with my amazing wife Eloise

The HypnoBirthing class taught me something that I never thought was possible. To love and respect my wife more than I already did. For a man, birth is an extremely difficult thing to deal with, as we have no control. As we blokes all feel, it is our duty to be in control of situation, to keep our loved ones safe and out of harm’s way. But in the birthing suite, there is very little a man can do except one pivotal thing… SUPPORT! Read more……

hypnobirthing sceptic

To me the HypnoBirthing techniques make absolute perfect sense

At first I was a bit sceptical about the benefits of HypnoBirthing, however having completed the course and having seen the outcomes during labour I can’t speak highly enough of the value that this course provides to the prep for the big day. Read more……

pregnant dad

I promise, that nobody could be more sceptical than me

I believed birth was what we saw on TV, long, drawn out, painful and in a hospital. That’s just how it was done. Husbands sat back and watched as their wives suffered through the ordeal and it was worth it because in the end, whatever they went through, the result was a happy baby. Right? Read more….

hypnobirthing father

HypnoBirthing brings a lot more engagement into the birthing process for the father, rather than just being a spare part

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a very practical old-fashioned kind of guy, who believes in facts and tangibles. Thus, when my beautiful wife Trish told me that the birth of our third child was going to be done “as a HypnoBirthing birth under the Mongan Method”, and that there would also be a “Doula” involved, I didn’t really give it much thought other than some sort of pie in the sky idea of hers. I needed facts, and I got them. Read more……

hypnobirthing family

I found these classes much more informative and practical than the hospital classes.

I have to admit I was sceptical about attending HypnoBirthing classes. My wife had told me it’s what she wanted to do and it didn’t seem like I had a choice. We were already going to four hospital classes so it seemed like overkill to me. But it was her body after all so I agreed to go. Read more…

Dads have a special role to play, and this birth and journey to parenthood will leave you positively changed forever!

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