Congratulations on your pregnancy!

HypnoBirthing focuses on achieving a gentle, calm and positive birth experience.

Getting Started with HypnoBirthingIf you’re an expectant parent looking to take a HypnoBirthing class, then you’re in the right spot!

There are HypnoBirthing practitioners all around the world, and we have organised the very best Australian practitioners into an easy to use database so you can find a professional Instructor near you. Click here to search our Certified Practitioner Directory now.

Birthing is the most profound initiation to spirituality a woman can have.
~ Robin Lim

HypnoBirthing classes are taught by a group of passionate individuals who have studied HypnoBirthing, through the Institute, and connected with the teachings of our founder, Marie Mongan.

We don’t offer a way for you to sign up for classes directly on this site, however, we have given our Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioners a way to list their course dates/times etc on our website so that you can easily see what’s available in your area and at a convenient time for you.

Click here to search our HypnoBirthing Class Directory now. Not all practitioners list their classes here, so if there isn’t a class showing near you, search the Practitioner Directory.

We also have a directory of support service providers, who understand the principles of HypnoBirthing and are supportive of its teachings. This list contains holistic health practitioners, gynaecologists, midwives, doulas etc. Please click here to search our support providers directory. 

*Fees: The Certified Practitioners offering HypnoBirthing classes in your area are independent businesses and set their own fees.

A bonding experience for couples

The HypnoBirthing course is for couples or for expectant mothers and their birth support people. Something very unique about our program and practitioners is that we are dedicated to ensuring that this education experience is special for both the expectant mother and father.

Our commitment to ensuring that this experience is special for the mothers as well as the dads and partners has extended into many of our practitioners being trained in the ‘Becoming Dad Certification’, that teaches how to effectively work with expectant and new fathers to achieve the best possible outcomes.

What Does ‘Becoming Dad Certified’ Mean?

When you see one of our HypnoBirthing educators displaying this badge, this means that they have successfully completed Becoming Dad Professional training and know how to effectively engage, educate and support dads in father-focused and male-friendly ways.

This matters because most expectant and new dads don’t receive this level of focus during their ‘becoming dad’ journeys. Dads need this – not only to be the supportive partner they want to be, but also to feel empowered in their own experience.


We believe that pregnancy and birth should be a couples greatest achievement, not their greatest fear. Let us support you to make this journey a positive one that you will hold close to  your heart always!

Find out more about HypnoBirthing and what you’ll learn in the course!