Click through the following HypnoBirthing FAQs to learn more about how HypnoBirthing can help you to achieve a calm, empowered and positive birth experience.

How soon can I start HypnoBirthing classes?

There is no firm time however from 20 weeks on is recommended. We find most parents like to start their HypnoBirthing preparations between 20 – 35 weeks.

My partner works away. Is it necessary for him/her to attend?

We recommend that partner’s attend all HypnoBirthing classes wherever possible, along with an additional support  person. The support person can be a doula or family member who will attend classes with you and assist with your practice.

With fly-ins/fly-outs, the recommendation is to start HypnoBirthing classes as early as possible, around the 20 weeks so that there is plenty of opportunity to attend the classes together, or arrange for some private in-home sessions with your local practitioner.

Talk to your closest practitioner about how they can best work with you in your circumstances. There is flexibility for special circumstances.

Can I do a weekend course?

It is not recommended as part of the HypnoBirthing programme in order to achieve optimal benefits.

The exception is when you are very late in your pregnancy where only part of the programme can be covered to help you in the best way we can to achieve the best outcome for your birth.

The five week HypnoBirthing course gives adequate time for practice, reflection, time to get to know your baby and to know what and how you wish to birth. Your practitioner will help you over this time to become confident, familiar and relaxed.

A weekend course can create information overload, and we are learning from the hospitals that mothers that have taken weekend courses with other programs are not doing as well. We know that this program has been cleverly designed over the 5 sessions to release fears and have positive preparation. We want you to have the best birth you can, so we would be shortchanging you by working with you over a weekend. The 5 session format is definitely best for learning, results and preparing for a happy, calm birth.

Is HypnoBirthing covered by my health insurance?

Check with your health insurance company what they would cover. Some practitioners are Midwives or Midwife Nurse, in which case they may have the ability for you to claim some portion of the course.

Some Psychologists and Hypnotherapists have provider numbers, please check with your Insurance company.

If they say no when you mention you are attending a “HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education Class” for prenatal preparation, ask them WHY ITS NOT covered?

How much are HypnoBirthing Classes?

Please check with your local practitioner. Most classes start from $550 upwards for the five x two and a half hour sessions but this varies from practitioner to practitioner and in some areas this figure might be higher.

New HypnoBirthing practitioners still completing their certification may accept up to three clients prior to certification and charge a nominal fee to cover costs.

What do I get from attending HypnoBirthing Classes

You will receive:

  • Positive prenatal education with over 30 years of success
  • Book: HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method
  • CD or Mp3: Rainbow Relaxation CD
  • CD or Mp3: Birth Imagery
  • Course handouts.
  • Support and understanding as you develop a beautiful relationship with your birth companion and baby
  • Trust and guidance from your HypnoBirthing practitioner

How do I know that my HypnoBirthing Practitioner is Certified and holds the proper qualifications?

HB-Gold-Seal_clippedAll certified HypnoBirthing practitioners of the highest standing carry the Gold Seal of Approval on their website, along with a certificate bearing their name and qualification signed by Marie .F. Mongan.

This is the only authentic and recognized certification by the HypnoBirthing® Institute.