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Workshop for Birth Professionals – Indoorpilly, QLD

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Date(s) - 12/09/2019
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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The Workshop for Birth Professionals is a one-day workshop that provides traditionally trained doulas, midwives, nurses and physicians with the specific techniques and philosophical information needed to professionally support HypnoBirthing couples in any birth setting.

Through participation in the Workshop for Birth Professionals you will:

    • Understand the unique benefits HypnoBirthing offers, learn about the philosophy & the Gold Seal that is establishing best practice in Australia, as well as recognise how it differs from other methods.
    • Learn the physiology of the uterus during labour, exploring the muscle interaction, blood flow & biochemical function. Examine the role of the autonomic nervous system upon fear.
    • Understand the differences between HypnoBirthing & medical terminology, & learn to communicate with a HypnoBirthing family, understanding the partners role & the common birthing preferences they choose.
    • Explore the various states of hypnosis, and the mind body connection in birthing.
    • Consider the impact of integrating HypnoBirthing with the current care in hospitals & learn about HypnoBirthing techniques that can be implemented to support a positive birth outcome.
    • Discuss & explore options to support families experiencing special circumstances in birth & develop appropriate skills to support natural birth & a HypnoBirthing couple.
    • Receive 7.5 CPD Points from the Australian College of Midwives for participation.

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Trainer for this Event: Trish Cumming

Trish Cumming

CH.t, HBCE, Doula

Trish is a HypnoBirthing Educator and Steering Committee in Australia for the HypnoBirthing Institute and has been teaching HypnoBirthing since 2007. She has been teaching HypnoBirthing in Brisbane since 2011.  Prior to that she was teaching in Malaysia and South Korea.

Trish always wanted to be a mum and it never crossed her mind that birth could be anything other than a normal, natural process.  Unfortunately armed with very little prenatal education and unaware of routine hospital practices she experienced birth in a very ugly manner.

Falling pregnant with her third child she realised that things had to be different and so to they were.  She armed herself with everything that had been missed the first two times around.  Upon learning HypnoBirthing and utilising all she had learnt about labour, birth and the impact of fear upon a woman in labour, Trish went on to have a truly amazing birth experience. It really was the most transformative experience of her life.

After her third birth Trish realised that HypnoBirthing was something that had to be shared with as many birthing couples as possible and so became a Certified Practitioner in 2007.  Whilst living overseas Trish was instrumental in establishing a HypnoBirthing presence in both South Korea and Malaysia.  Having introduced HypnoBirthing to South Korea, Trish became heavily involved with the natural birthing community and was fortunate enough to see the establishment of the very first Natural Birthing Clinic through her relationship with a well-known Obstetrician.

Since then Trish has gone onto become a Certified Childbirth Doula, Clinical Hypnotherapist and is now an active member of the HypnoBirthing Steering Committee.

Trish now works from her private clinic in The Gap and teaches group classes in Ashgrove.  In between her work as a Doula, supporting the Brisbane Educators she is studying to be a yoga teacher and enjoys time with her family, trekking and reading anything and everything about birth.

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