Alice Springs NT, Australia

Joanne is the first HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method Practitioner and HypnoMothering Practitioner for the Northern Territory. Founder and owner of Yoga Motion yoga studio where she specialises in pregnancy yoga, postnatal recovery and mums & bubs yoga. Joanne is also a Rebozo instructor and is a practising Registered Nurse with 25 years experience in Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Paediatrics.

Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Hi, my name is Jaclyn! As a HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Naturopath and Women’s Wellness Consultant I am empowering a generation of mother’s to care for themselves from fertility through pregnancy and birth and then to continue caring for their health and wellbeing all the way through their years of motherhood.
Inspiring women to make conscious choices for their wellness as a mother is my biggest passion. Specifically, in my role as Hypnobirthing Practitioner I empower women to make conscious choices for their pregnancy and birth.
I am like a world explorer that has taken the journey to your desired destination. I provide the tools, guidance and knowledge of a professional, along with the insights, experience and understanding from passionately taking the journey with many other women and of course myself. I used Hypnobirthing during the calm and gentle birth of my first daughter and also during the Cesarean Section birth of my twin girls.
Bendigo VIC Australia

Corinne has a deep seated passion for supporting and encouraging couples through pregnancy, birthing and the early post natal period. Her extensive knowledge and passion to support her couples provides them with unparalleled service and personal care.

Kalamunda, Western Australia, Australia

Hope and Honey offer HypnoBirthing, independent antenatal classes, fertility coaching and birth pool hire in Perth, WA. Offering a range of group and private classes in the Perth Hills or in your home

“Hi, I’m Karenna. Originally from England, I now live in the Perth Hills with my husband and two gorgeous girls, Isla & Ellie. I’m incredibly passionate about the role of the mind in fertility, pregnancy and birth and love to help people prepare emotionally as well as practically for the journey ahead. I think being informed about the processes and your options helps clients feel confident, informed and empowered. That’s the best bit of my work – hearing how different and positive clients feel after, I love it!”

What one recent couple said:

“Would highly recommend any expecting parents to consider spending a few hours with Hope & Honey prior to birth.

Top 3 things about the classes:

  1. Being able to complete at our own home in a comfortable environment
  2. The knowledge and comfortable way it was explained
  3. Karenna’s large amount of knowledge, honesty and personal experiences

Read more testimonials from previous clients here.

Please contact me for more information on class dates and availability

Perth, Rockingham WA Australia

Christina Petersen

Dipl Cht, HBCE, HBFC

Welcome and congratulations to your pregnancy! I am passionate about supporting and empowering you and your family through pregnancy and birth so that you can create a positive and satisfying birth experience. I believe pregnancy and birth should be a joyful and special time and the memory of it will stay with you and your baby for life. I love teaching HypnoBirthing. Over the years I have witnessed that the course empowers and prepares you and your birth companion for a gentle and more comfortable birth experience. I mainly teaches private HypnoBirthing classes. This allows for the course to be more personally tailored to your needs. The dates and times can be arranged individually to suit you and your birth companion. I now work since 7 years in the Rockingham/Mandurah area.

I am  also is a member of the Australian Steering Committee and works together with the Faculty members and the other Steering Committee members to improve and assist the HypnoBirthing® Community.

I am originally from Germany where I trained as a Physiotherapist over 25 years ago. I developed an interest in the mind/body connection which led me over the years to train as a Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and Reflexologist/ Maternity Reflexologist.
I hold a Cert.4 in Workplace Training and Assessment and have experience in training and giving presentations to Healthcare Professionals.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Certificate in Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Governement accredited Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from Career Accelerators, QLD
  • Professional Hypnotherapist, Diploma of Alchemical Hypnotherapy from The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa, USA
  • Counsellor, Diploma of Counselling with the Insitute of Professional Counselling, OLD, Australia
  • NLP Practitioner, Certificate in NLP and Time-Line Therapy from The Tad James Company, Sydney, Australia
  • Certificate in Somatic Healing, The Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, Santa Rosa, USA
  • Reflexologist, Diploma of Reflexology from the International Institute of Reflexology, Petersburg, USA
  • Maternity Reflexology certificate, Suzanne Enzer, Australia

Professional Member of the following Associations:


5.00 (6 reviews)
Bunbury, WA, Australia
HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Doula and Mum of 4 in the South West of WA.
Birth is a passion of mine, however this wasn’t always the case. I used to be terrified of it. Thankfully, HypnoBirthing changed that.
My own births consisted of an emergency caesarean after a long, hard labour, a VBAC which caused major physical injuries and a long recovery, (and after not wanting to go through either of my previous experiences again) an elective caesarean. Only after doing my doula training, was I confident enough to plan our fourth baby girl. I had a lot of fear to overcome. I was going to do things differently with my fourth.
Doing the HypnoBirthing course when I was pregnant with my fourth daughter was life changing for me. My pregnancy was different from anything I’d ever experienced with my others. I wasn’t scared of the birth at all. I understood it and made educated decisions about it, so I could completely just bliss out with happiness during the entire pregnancy and bond with my daughter.
I was so excited for the birth. Something I never thought I’d say!
My fourth daughter was born in an amazing planned homebirth. And she was 4.5kg! After ending up with injuries from the birth of my second daughter, who was 3.7kg, my fourth birth… my HypnoBirth… caused no injuries whatsoever! I did things completely differently from how I went about my first three and I had a completely different result because of it. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. I’d do it again in a heartbeat!
After experiencing my fourth daughter’s birth and fully understanding exactly what was going on at all times, actually enjoying the labour, being totally aware at all times, and being able to enjoy the newborn stage to it’s fullest, it’s now a passion of mine to teach other parents how they too can experience pregnancy, birth and the newborn stage the way it was meant to be.
It’s amazing.
Please contact me if you’d like more information about how I can help you on your HypnoBirthing journey.
5.00 (8 reviews)
Red Hill, Queensland, Australia
0405 357 9550405 357 955
0405 357 9550405 357 955

My name is Moran and I am a mother of 3 healthy and beautiful girls. My passion into HypnoBirthing and supporting mums through this journey through labour and birth has come from my own experiences and the influence and profound effect that the power of the mind can have on our pregnancy, birthing experience and post partum period. I have personally witnessed what a disempowering birth can do to us mentally and physically and through sheer determination, mental exercises, willingness and true profound inner strength how you can have a positive birthing experience.

I teach group and private HypnoBirthing classes and service both the Gold Coast and Brisbane area.

I also offer Doula services and have attended many births now as a doula and it is such a rewarding experience to be present for the parents that I work with in aiding them enjoy the birth experience which will leave an imprint for a lifetime. I work in births in any setting and all circumstances, from home birth, birthing centre to hospital births and have witnessed the most AMAZING births imaginable.

I am a true believer that “when you change the way you think about birth, the way you birth will change’ ~ Marie Mongan

Moran xx

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

 * Childbirth International Certified Doula
* HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method Practitioner
* Sacred Pregnancy Instructor
* Birthing From Within Birth Art Mentor
* Placenta Encapsulation Specialist (PBI)
* Stillbirthday Doula
Duncraig WA Australia

My name is Helena Hentz. I am a mum to two gorgeous children – Noel Zizou and homebirthed Luna Aiyana. During my first pregnancy I truly discovered my interest in pregnancy, birth and parenting; I found everything so fascinating. The birth of my son Zizou in 2007 was a life changing experience. In the last months of my pregnancy I learned about Hypnobirthing, and the techniques that I gained allowed me to look forward to my birth and enjoy every moment of it. After my beautiful and calm birth experience I realised I was on the right path to find the “something” missing in my life; the “work” that I could truly love with all my heart:

I believe that knowledge, wisdom, and trust in the birth process ensures a positive experience. I want women to remember the birth of their children with joy and happy memories. I want to show them how calm giving birth can be by using relaxation techniques during birthing. I believe this is so important, especially in these times of frequent intervention and medical interference.

My initial interest has grown into a deep passion.

I believe it is a privilege to be invited to share this very personal time with couples. I feel so honoured for being invited to be a part of many hypnobirths; I have taught hypnobirthing to more than 400 couples and  I have welcomed more than 200 Dreambirth babies into the world since I started my doula journey in 2010. I value the role I play in being a part of this special time on the way to parenthood.

If you think I could be the right person to share this special time of your life and would like to know more about Hypnobirthing and Baby Massage, doula services, placenta encapsulation or just have a chat about birth and babies 🙂  please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Albany, Western Australia, Australia
Traralgon VIC Australia

Together with my business partner Robina May we offer Hypnobirth classes throughout the Latrobe Valley

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