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Faculty Member – Australia – HypnoBirthing® Institute

Anthea is a passionate health professional, an experienced Antenatal Educator, Trainer and Hypnotherapist supporting families in conception, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.

Anthea is a Faculty Member for the HypnoBirthing® Institute, facilitating the Practitioner Training & Support for Practitioners here in Australia. She has been awarded the role as a Global Presence Ambassador for Parenting 2.0, is a Director of the Australian Birth and Parenting Network and runs HypnoBirthing Gold Coast.

Anthea is working with therapy based on the philosophy that our unconscious minds can heal our bodies, and control the delicate process of conception and birthing. She is focused on helping people find their unlimited potential in all areas of life, on helping women to rediscover their natural birthing instincts and works to provide couples with information about their bodies, the birth process, how their mind affects conception and birth helping to empower them to take control of their own journey.

Anthea is married and has two children. She lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.


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HypnoBirthing Gold Coast
Colvin Boon

HypnoBirthing Classes + Relaxation classes after the course.

Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist  specialising with women who have experienced trauma to ensure a safe, natural and happy birth.

SleepTalk Consultant

Assisting families who are experiencing difficulties with their children with a simple, easy process.

Financial & Business Coach

Are you starting a business and want to keep it on track. We guide you through the steps to financial success.

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HypnoBirthing Sunshine Coast
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Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

I have been teaching HypnoBirthing in Townsville since 2013 and am employed on a casual basis by James Cook University as a guest lecturer to teach HypnoBirthing to their Graduate Diploma of Midwifery students.

I became a HypnoBirthing practitioner because I have experienced the brilliance of my own body birthing naturally and easily twice, even though I didnt know about HypnoBirthing then, but I did know my body is perfectly designed to have a baby and I didnt know there could be any other way. I have become increasinly concerned that my experience is not the current “norm” and I am concerned too about the role of the Birth Companion – often the father – who is left out at his own baby’s birth, like a wall flower, hovering and feeling confused. And this in particular is what drew me to HypnoBirthing as it is a program for couples to prepare for and birth their new baby/babies together as a team in a celebration of life.

It has been my privilege to have assisted over 40 couples birth their babies here in Townsville – many were first time parents, others second time, some were VBAC’s.  Some have been nurses and midwives.  Couples have come from all walks of life, including army, scientists, medical practitioners, managers, retail assistants, dentists, massage therapists, cleaners, builders, mechanics, panel beaters, miners, all sorts.  Sometimes a mum and daughter attend, sometimes mum, daughter and partner attend, or a friend, or a student midwife, same sex couples as well as husbands and wives – Birth Companions can be anyone you choose to assist you with your birth.

Please feel most welcome to contact me, I am happy to help with questions, concerns , and it is my belief there is nothing that cannot be worked out as a win win for all.



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HypnoBirthing Bribie Island Caboolture
3/68-70 Township drive, Burleigh Heads

Hi my name is Kate Martyn and I am Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse and HypnoBirthing practitioner.

My mission and goal is that every couple should have the opportunity to have a satisfying and rewarding birthing experience. That couples approach their birth with a wealth of knowledge so that they are able to make informed decisions. That women enjoy and embrace their pregnancy for the amazing time that it is and that they approach their birth with no fear only calmness and joy.

I am extremely passionate about antenatal education and empowering couples for their birth. Research and experience has shown that mentally preparing for your upcoming birth has a positive effect on your birth. This for me is confirmed every time I see women trust in their birthing body and work with their body to birth their baby. My experience as a practising Midwife has led me to have a hundred percent confidence in the birthing body and how it facilitates the natural process of birth.

Birth can and should be an experience that every couple walk away with feeling that they had a positive and satisfying experience and I strongly believe HypoBirthing prepares them for this.


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Coastal Birthing and Beyond
5.00 (1 review)
Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

Carrie works closely with women on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland to help them prepare their bodies and minds for the powerful experience of birth through regular HypnoBirthing, Active Birth and Pregnancy Yoga classes. Passionate about holding a safe and sacred space for women, her busy yoga studio offers a warm and friendly environment where women learn how to cultivate and trust their physical and mental strength, endurance and focus, ultimately empowering them to approach their birth with confidence and joy. Yoga Studio located Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, Qld.

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Joymamma HypnoBirthing & Yoga
Byron Bay NSW Australia
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Health by Yoga
Jo's YM photo.jpg
7/ 70 Spearwood Road, Alice Springs NT Australia

Joanne is the first HypnoBirthing® Mongan Method Practitioner and HypnoMothering Practitioner for the Northern Territory. Founder and owner of Yoga Motion yoga studio where she specialises in pregnancy yoga, postnatal recovery and mums & bubs yoga. Joanne is also a Rebozo instructor and is a practising Registered Nurse with 25 years experience in Women’s Health, Obstetrics and Paediatrics.

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Unit 4, 601-603 Anzac Highway Glenelg, South Australia 5045 Australia

I have been actively involved in the complementary field of health for over 25 years with diplomas and certificates in Massage, Reiki, Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Real Life Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility, HypnoMothering, Master  Counselling & Psychotherapy and more.

I established my practice – Intrinsic Outcomes with a view that it is not enough to treat the symptoms. The WHOLE person and their individual and unique circumstances must be taken into consideration. The relationship between the body, mind and spirit is of the utmost importance, and I use a combination of therapies to incorporate this philosophy. By combining a practical, common sense approach with new ideas and theories I believe the body; mind and spirit can be healed, renewed and enhanced.

Rona is a Faculty Member and Trainer in Australia for the HypnoBirthing Institute.

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Intrinsic Outcomes
Stina Crop.jpg

I have taught HypnoBirthing in Geelong since 2008. I am very passionate about empowering parents to achieve the birth they want and I love teaching HypnoBirthing®. I get a real buzz when I hear from the couples I have taught that they have had a great birth and  I look forward to teaching many more couples in the future.

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Geelong HypnoBirthing
Sandringham VIC Australia
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Mornington Peninsula VIC Australia

I grew up with the stories of my mother’s birth experiences imprinted in my mind.  Suffice to say they weren’t instilling me with confidence & I was petrified of birth.  So when it was time for my husband and I to start our own family, I knew I wanted my own stories to be different.  I wanted to challenge the notion that you must endure pain to become a mother; I didn’t think this had to be my ‘right of passage’ as a woman.

I was studying alternative therapies at the time, so I sought insight into alternate ways of birthing.  Not only was my search for a calm birth experience fueled by wanting a better birth for myself but also by seeking a way for my husband to best support me during birth, given his extreme fear of hospitals.

So together we sought alternatives and it was through the HypnoBirthing program that we gained a new-found confidence about the birthing experience. The use of practical tools and sound knowledge meant my husband felt equipped to help me; he knew he could offer genuine assistance and not just sit in the corner feeling nauseous!

The Hypnobirthing program gave us both a way to release the negative feelings we had towards childbirth and allowed us to enjoy the most incredible, natural, peaceful birthing experience together.

It was this process of helping my husband find a way to be the best birthing partner he could be, plus eradicating the fears that had been preordained, that allowed me to have an incredibly empowering childbirth.  So much so, that I couldn’t help but share the knowledge and methodology with others.  And so from this birth, Acacia Wellness was born.

Like my family, Acacia Wellness has grown into something very special.  My classes are fun and held in warm, relaxed environments; you’ll leave feeling educated, supported and confident.  But it’s not all serious and sensible all the time!!  In fact, conversations often veer off to things non-baby related, but still within my realm of passion – terrible reality TV (The Bachelor in particular, although I feel I need to do 5 years feminist penance after each viewing!), the Kardashians and 90s alternative music (think Radiohead and Nirvana.)

I’m so very passionate about helping families grow through calm beginnings. I look forward to supporting your family through this beautiful time in your lives.

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Acacia Wellness
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Corinne has a deep seated passion for supporting and encouraging couples through pregnancy, birthing and the early post natal period. Her extensive knowledge and passion to support her couples provides them with unparalleled service and personal care.

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Intuitive Birthing
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