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Largs Bay SA, Australia
245 Fletcher Road Largs Bay South Australia 5016 AU

Hello, here is a little bit of information about myself. Over the past 8 years I have gained clinical experiences in both the public and private sectors – I currently work as a Registered Midwife and also a Paramedic with the South Australian Ambulance Service. I also have two beautiful sisters and am an Auntie to four adorable nieces and nephews. I have gained a lot of experience in both the hospital and pre-hospital setting when it comes to pregnancy & birthing. Not only my clinical experience but also personal experience of being a birth companion for my sister for both her births has given me the inspiration and desire to further my skills and knowledge to assist women with HypnoBirthing. I believe strongly in women feeling empowered to make their own informed decisions and my aim is to ensure I can provide women this through my sessions. I believe all women should have the right to the knowledge and understanding of how their beautiful bodies work so well and are designed for birth, this way women can embrace their pregnancy with calm and excitement releasing all fears. My goal is to be there for women and provide them with all the tools, skills, information and resources that I have available to ensure women feel supported during pregnancy, birthing and beyond. I look forward to chatting to you more about your special journey!

Steffi Hacket
Nourished Nest
Steffi is the best!
  • Tricia Chester reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

My husband and I completed private sessions with Steffi and Nourished Nest and we are so glad we did! Being our first baby I was pretty terrified about the whole birthing day – not knowing what to expect, what to do or how I’d cope. The content of the course all made perfect sense and gave us the knowledge to make sure we had a relaxed, calm and positive birthing experience. And we did!

The day was quite magical, largely because of being able to draw upon tools that Steffi gave me to relax and breathe through the different stages of labour until our beautiful boy entered the world in a calm (and drug free) way.

Steffi was amazing. Such a wealth of knowledge, with a warm and friendly personality, and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. She’s been a great support the whole way through.

We can’t recommend Steffi and Nourished Nest enough!

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Highly recommend Steffi for hypno birthing classes
  • Katrina & Carlo reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

My Husband and I just finished our 5 week course with Steffi for the birth of our first child and loved every  class. Steffi shows knowledge, expertise as well as passion in what she teaches making us feel more educated, and prepared for the birth of our baby.

Would highly recommend hypno birthing classes with Steffi.

Thanks Steffi ☺️

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The perfect companion to help you prepare for your birthing day
  • Quynh Nguyen reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Thank you Steffi from Nourished Nest! We have just completed our 5 week HypnoBirthing classes with Steffi and we could not recommend it more! Going into the course, we did not know what to expect and did not know much about the birthing process in general. This course gives you all the information you need know about birthing your baby in the most stress-free, relaxing and positive way. If you have any doubts or fears about labour, this will help you to release those fears and feel more at ease. Steffi has the most calming and friendliest nature. She has been so accommodating, working around our working hours to fit our classes in. Being a midwife was also an extra plus. I was worried at first to consider going through a natural and intervention-free birth, but now  I feel that we now have all the tools and knowledge to prepare us for our baby’s birthing day with confidence. Thanks again Steffi

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Best decision we have made

My husband and I just finished our 5 week course with Steffi and we’re so impressed! I heard about Hypno Birthing a few years ago and knew I wanted to learn about it when pregnant one day.  Steffi did in home sessions with us which suited our lifestyle and made it even more relaxing with no stress. The sessions have given us so much education on our birthing day and the lead up. We are very excited about our birthing day and I have lots of confidence in my body and mindset. Hypno Birthing also provided a great opportunity for my husband to learn about how the body gives birth and what he can do to assist on the day as we work together as a team. It’s created an even more special bond between us.

Steffi was very knowledgeable and super organised. Her follow up after every session gave us a good recap of what we had learnt and what we needed to complete before our next session. She made our sessions fun and relaxed. If you are thinking about it but you are not sure, it’s the best money we have spent.

Thank you Steffi for being apart of our journey 🙂

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Steffi was AMAZING!!!

An amazing 5 week course run by Steffi who is truly passionate and very knowledgeable!

My husband and I just completed the 5 week course with Steffi and absolutely loved it! It is truly the best thing we have done to prepare for our babies arrival. Although my husband was hesitant about attending the course, the free info night saw him keen to start the classes. We loved not only the education side of the course but the practical relaxation strategies that we are using in our everyday life as well as the resources provided and most of all the chance to learn together as first time parents. We both now feel confident, prepared, calm and excited about our birthing day.

We would highly recommend Steffi, as a midwife she has so much knowledge and was able to convey the principles of HypnoBirthing clearly and made clear links to research and current practice.


Thanks Steffi 🙂


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Very Highly recommend Steffi

My husband and I recently competed the course with Steffi and I wanted to share our experience. One of my friends had done a hypnobirthing birthing course and she beamed about her positive birth experience – a rare thing in birth stories! So I decided to investigate. She did her course online, but I am so glad we did the course in person as I am a very visual person and it also helped being able to ask questions. My husband was a bit apprehensive about the course initially as he wanted to make sure that a particular birth path wouldn’t be pushed and all options would be covered. But as soon as we met Steffi we new this wasn’t the case. As a paramedic and midwife herself she has great experience in all types of birth and we found her knowledge an invaluable addition to the course.
We couldn’t make the group sessions, so we organised private sessions one weeknight after work where Steffi came to our house – what a fantastic flexible option!!
We had our little girl last week and there is no way we both would have had such a positive experience without doing this course. I had to be induced and my membranes manually ruptured (water breaking) which is something I had always dreaded, but with the knowledge of the course and Steffi taking me through the procedure I felt I had the knowledge to get me through. It was an intense and fast labour but I achieved the birth I wanted naturally with no drugs. My husband was absolutely brilliant during the birth and we used lots of tools and positions we learnt. He is so happy that he did the course as he knew how to support me (even if my labour wasn’t as calm as in the videos we watched!!) and felt prepared and calm. Steffi is a caring, practical, highly organised individual and her passion for birth and helping people makes her the perfect hypnobirthing birthing practitioner. If you are thinking about looking into the course I highly recommend attending one of her many information sessions. It makes a huge difference which practitioner you choose too. Steffi we couldn’t have done it without you – thank you ?

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5 Week Private HypnoBirthing Course Review

My husband and I have recently completed the 5 week private HypnoBirthing Course with Steffi at Nourished Nest. We now eagerly await the arrival of our little baby.

I am a first time mum and even before I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to experience my pregnancy, labour and birth with calmness and without fear and with as much empowerment and knowledge as I could gain.

Steffi made our Hypnobirthing sessions relaxed and laid back but also fun and immersive. She was always happy to explain elements of the course in detail and was flexible in her approach to structuring the course to fit the techniques and ideas that my husband and I enjoyed practising. She always provided us with a high level of evidence based research to any questions we had along the way and was happy to go above and beyond to help us prepare for our birthing day.

The take home resources provided by Steffi give us direction and confidence to practice the techniques we were taught throughout the course in our everyday lives and the visualisation techniques and birth videos Steffi showed us, demonstrated just how relaxed, calm and effective Hypnobirthing can be.

We both now eagerly await our birthing day and look forward to it with excitement and delight. I completely trust that my body is designed to safely birth my baby, but I also feel empowered to face any challenges that arise and am confident in my ability to work as a team with my husband and our care providers, to ensure my birth is as safe and as calm as possible.

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