Helped Create a Perfect Birth
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Where to even begin with how amazing Meaghan and her knowledge was and how it shaped the most special and perfect birth ….

After having a traumatic and unpleasant first birth to think about going through it again made me shudder! with hearing so much about HypnoBirthing I decided to call Meaghan and have a chat!  That then lead to our first out of 5 private lessons for my husband and myself….

Meaghan is the most down to earth and personal teacher to have by your side through such a journey, I felt so comfortable to speak my mind and do things, like meditate for the first time!

Meaghan completely filled me with knowledge and comfort around what and how birth takes place and what the female body does and what it is in fact capable of!  it was mind blowing !! it changed my head-space entirely …


i spoke through fears, wants, needs, concerns etc with her and it left my fear of previous birth behind me and focusing on a beautiful birthing ahead!Meaghan taught me a lot to do with my birthing rights and to remember this was my journey.

I am SO happy to say i had the most mind blowing wonderful birthing experience ever! all went to plan.. I had a calm water birth, completely let go of anything and gave into the beautiful journey of labour and birthing my baby girl!

Techniques HypnoBirthing teach you with breathing, mind thoughts, fear release, knowledge of birth and the female anatomy and how birth should be viewed completely change your  outlook!

My husband was sceptical at first but as soon as he met Meaghan and had our first session and saw me completely relax and 180 my outlook, he also fell in love with what we had chosen to take part in alongside Meaghan .

Its important for the partners too as they play a huge support in those hours of labouring… Meaghan managed to make my partner feel in control of how he could be there for me and help me this time around!

Whatever background, spiritual or not, fear of birthing or completely at ease … HypnoBirthing with Meaghan is for anyone!!! this course will help you beyond this journey!

I could not recommend her services more!

Thanks again Meaghan for sharing your knowledge and love and empowering us to do what we did!

Nicole and Cody Chadbone


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HypnoBirthing with Meaghan was the best decision we could have made for the birth of our son! He was my second child and my partners first child so we both had very different experiences and ideas. But having Meaghan teach us what to expect, relaxation techniques and how to be supportive of one another really put us on the same page and made for the best birthing experience thus far! We waited at home until I knew I was ready to go and within one hour of being in the water our son was born ! Lincoln was the most amazing and supportive partner and i believe HypnoBirthing really prepared him for this. We were able to achieve a water birth, drug free and uncomplicated birth thanks to Meaghan:) Meaghan was a dream to work with and we will always be grateful for the huge role that she played in our pregnancy and birth!

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Doula and HypnoBirthing educator
  • Meaghan was our doula and we completed the HypnoBirthing classes with her.  the knowledge we gained from the classes were so benefical and empowering. learning so much about the birthing journey,  to trust my body and baby. we were able to develop a great connection with Meaghan and was an amazing support for us during the birth of our second child. Really loved her vast toolkit to utilize;  from aromatherapy,  massage,  HypnoBirthing , natural living and her love for babies… beautiful soul and those nuturing hands giving a feeling of safety and confidence .  thank you Meaghan.
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Do yourself a favour!

Before we met Meaghan I was terrified of giving birth, to the point I felt anxious all of the time. A couple of my friends recommended Meaghan and I am so thankful they did. After just a few sessions we had confronted our fears, learnt so much and were armed with an arsenal of visualisations and breathing exercises to help us on our birth journey. For us, knowledge was power. I cannot recommend Meaghan highly enough. She’s amazing! Even my husband who was sceptical at first got so much out of the experience.

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A Dream Labour

HypnoBirthing classes with Meaghan opened our eyes and minds to a labour we didn’t know possible.
All the preparation made for a dream birthing experience.
We knew to relax, listen to rainbow relaxation and our happy birth playlist and wait at home until active labour had set in. Using breathing techniques and visualisation, I had about 6 hours of surges and we arrived to hospital 8cm, 2nd stage was using the birth pool and in 1 hour our Madilyn arrived!
I remained calm , I breathed her down and imagined a flower opening up! Thankyou Meaghan for your wonderful coaching and advice ❤️

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Endless advice, support and love
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Meaghan played an important role in our transition from pregnancy to motherhood/family hood. She developed a loving, nurturing bond with Chris and myself long before our baby was due, as she both helped us plan how we wanted our birthing experience to go, and helped us learn the answers to the many questions we had.

During labour she was wonderful! Constantly by my side offering non-medical techniques such as breathing, massage, and helping me move into different body positions, not to mention being a super support person for Chris, gently guiding him with massage techniques, allowing him to take vital breaks and allowing us special time to bond and share alone.

I’m proud to say my birth experience was one of feeling completely safe and empowered by my birthing team. Chris and I are so grateful to have had Meaghan as our Doula and can’t thank her enough for providing endless advice, support and love

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