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Hi Beautiful Mummas,

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile.

My name is Kirsty, I’m 35 years young and have a beautiful HypnoBirthing baby boy, River who is 22 months old. I love being a stay at home mum especially living on the Gold Coast because we get to spend our days at the beach. I am a happy, positive, enthusiastic and healthy mama. I love yoga, meditating, nature and using alternative methods to heal and be the healthiest version of myself. I am a school teacher by trade and hold a Masters in Special Education, I’m also a yoga teacher and now a HypnoBirthing teacher as I love sharing knowledge and empowering people.  After my own amazing birth using HypnoBirthing along with other natural therapies – yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage and kinesiology as part of my birth preparation, I just had to share this AMAZING birth education with all women far and wide. I want all women to experience a calm, positive and informed birth no matter what journey their birth takes. I want all women to know that birth is NORMAL, NATURAL and ACHIEVABLE without the use of drugs and interventions. I want all women to meet their BIRTH GOALS whatever that might look like for them. I want all women to come out of birth feeling like GODDESS WARRIORS (like one of my HypnoBirthing mumma said she felt after her birth) even if it doesn’t go to plan.  This is why I became a HypnoBirthing practitioner and I want to help you achieve your birth goal. I love that I support women from the moment they begin their HypnoBirthing journey to the moment they meet their baby.

Below is my own birth story and have attached some birthing images (taken during the last 45mins of labour). I hope you enjoy reading and can see in the photos can see just how calm. in control and relaxed I was using the HypnoBirthing techniques and tools.

It’s hard to believe that River, my beautiful ‘baby’ boy is nearly 18 months old already.  I will always remember the day he was born as being both intense and blissful, just how nature intended. Although I had an amazing birth that went exactly how I visualised, I was reluctant to share my story as I felt guilty, I knew other women have had contrasting experiences. But when I do open up and share I have to roll my eyes when people say ‘oh you just lucky with your birth’.
I want to reassure all mums-to-be that you don’t have to get lucky to enjoy your birth experience as much as I did. I’m not lucky, I just worked hard during pregnancy to prepare my mind, body and soul for my birth. I believe most women can have a blissful birth like me. My advice; be prepared to do all that you can to reach your desired outcome. The two biggest things are to educate yourself on the journey ahead and use HypnoBirthing to prepare your mind and body to be ready for birth.

Throughout my pregnancy not only did I religiously practice HypnoBirthing from 20 weeks until I went into labour at 41 weeks and 2 days but I also meditated and practiced yoga daily. I made this as routine as brushing my teeth twice a day. I also visited the acupuncturist, chiropractor, kinesiologist, massage therapist regularly, invested in a private midwife, read heaps of books and nourished my body by consuming a plant-based diet. I was guided to do everything in my power to be ready for my birth day. It wasn’t a chore for me, I loved it. My motto was that if I could do everything in my power to be ready and it still doesn’t go to plan then so be it. That is okay. I would accept that my baby decided to take a different path into this world. But it was in my power to do what I could and not leave it to luck or chance.

The only time I felt some anxiety was when I went past the expected due date. I was adamant I didn’t want to be induced so I had acupuncturist sessions, massages with clary sage, made love, bounced on the fit ball, walked, practiced nipple stimulation, ate dates and watched heaps of HypnoBirthing births on Youtube while crying my eyes out (I think the last one did the trick!).


Nine days after the expected due date I woke up at 2am with period like pains, I didn’t share this with my partner but listened to rainbow relaxation and went back to sleep. At 4am I woke and they had intensified so I called Steph my midwife. She told me to sleep and rest, it would be a long day. I took a hot water bottle and went back to sleep until 5.30am at which point the surges intensified. I woke my partner up and we began practicing our HypnoBirthing techniques, I listened to my rainbow relaxation visualisation track while breathing and smelling clary sage. The surges seemed very close together and although I was connected to my breath I just couldn’t get comfortable using the fit ball, on all fours or even in the bath. I wanted to constantly empty my bowels and was beginning to feel a little anxious. I thought I would have time to lie around watching movies, relaxing, eating, showering or going for walks! I had organised homeopathic supplements prior to labour and started taking the supplement for rapid labour. Around 6.30am I ended up on the toilet with my drink bottle and listening to the rainbow relaxation while Guy, my partner stood at the door timing my surges.

Alone on the toilet I totally let go, riding the waves of labour, totally surrendering and getting lost in my breathing. Every minute or so my entire body was overcome by a surge, they were incredibly powerful but I can honestly say I felt no pain, they were intense but only mildly uncomfortable. They felt so natural.
I felt like I was on an amazing carpet ride, eyes closed, knees wide apart, circling my hips, circling my head, doing light touches on my belly and back, moaning and went totally within. My partner had contacted the midwife again, she said that the surges were too far apart and inconsistent but to contact her if I felt pressure in my bum. At about 10.30am my membranes released while I was on the toilet, my breathing changed and my surges forced me to begin bearing down so that I could now feel pressure in my bum. I started to get a little concerned because I didn’t want to have the baby in the toilet. After a phone call from Guy, my midwife came straight away. After checking me externally she advised that the birth was very close! She knew we wanted a water birth and reckoned we had just enough time to get to GCUH where we had booked a birthing suite. The most difficult part of the experience was walking down our 71 stairs, stopping midway to breathe through a surge. It was surreal to be lying down in the car, trying to moderate my surges as all my body wanted to do was bear down. I didn’t want a car birth! In the car, I listened to rainbow relaxation using head phones and wore an eye mask so I could focus on my breathing and block out external stimuli.

We arrived at the hospital at 12.15pm, I walked to the birthing suite, refusing the wheel chair as I didn’t want to slow the surges down. I got into the warm bath straight away, the water was very soothing. I continued listening to the rainbow relaxation and focusing on my breathing, surrendering to my body’s surges and allowing them to guide me.  After parking the car my partner finally arrived, the midwife has just sent him a text to hurry up as River was well on his way. Guy was straight in the pool with me and we began working together on breathing and visualising just like we had practiced all those times before. Guy gently reminded me to relax my face, relax my jaw, relax my shoulders, to focus on my breathing, he talked me through a visualisation of lotus flower opening, just like my vagina was doing with River. In my mind I could see the petals unfolding and River’s head emerging, just as I had practised during my pregnancy.

The only time the midwife interacted with us was when she checked River’s heart beat and wiped my face with a rose water cloth. Within the pool my body instinctively knew what position to get into, I was up on my toes, knees apart in a squat holding onto the side of the pool, bearing down while my partner continued to remind me to relax my face, jaw, mouth and shoulders. I birthed River in one go, catching him in the water and pulling him up to my chest, which the midwife and my partner missed as they didn’t realise it would be so quick! He was born at 1pm, a day baby which I didn’t expect at all. I naturally birthed the placenta as I had arranged to encapsulate it for later consumption. I patiently watched River to the crawl to my breast and attach on his own without interruption.

We thought it was totally normal when our new family left the hospital at 6pm that night, 4 hours after giving birth. On the way home we even stopped to get vegan take-out to refuel my body and were sitting eating dinner with our new baby shortly after. What joy to be home as a family that evening.

Everyone’s birth is a unique journey and I believe we have the power to choose our experience, even though it may not go to plan. HypnoBirthing is one of the most powerful ways to take ownership and create the birth outcome you desire. My sister who also used HypnoBirthing and had a natural water birth three weeks prior to me said this about birth, I totally agree “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.


We highly recommend HypnoBirthing

We recommend Kirsty and her HypnoBirthing technique and course, for anyone who is looking to be prepared and fully in control of their birthing experience. It certainly helped support us in our birthing journey ✨

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HypnoBirthing course with Kirsty
  • Jenna Hebbard reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

My Partner Will and I got so much out of doing the HypnoBirthing course with Kirsty.. we really were flying blind as far as our knowledge of pregnancy and birth until we did the course and I had a lot of fear about the actual birthing part.. I knew nothing about what kind of birth I wanted and was prepared to hand over my birthing to medical staff on the day… until I did this course. I have learned the importance of of being empowered to make the best decisions for me and my baby.

Will got to learn what his “role” will be and where and how he can support me.. the skills he has learnt have empowered him a lot.

I find the relaxation techniques and affirmations super helpful in keeping myself in the right headspace during my pregnancy and I feel excited about the birthday of our baby! I have also felt more empowered since the course with choices and decision during the pregnancy.

Kirsty has continued to be super supportive of us even after the course has finished and I feel like she has our backs 100% and truely wants the best for us.

I highly recommend this course for first time parents and existing parents alike who want to learn a more relaxed and calm approach to bringing their babies into the world.

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A dream birth!

So, I’ll be honest; I was a bit skeptical about HypnoBirthing. I even remained so (a little) after the course. After the most incredible birthing experience, I gladly own up to how wrong I was!
Kirsty was so sweet and thorough. She invested so much time and energy (well beyond anything I’d expected) to make sure that Scott and I were both well prepared for birthing our second daughter.
Without Kirsty’s guidance in HypnoBirthing I don’t think we’d have had the birth we did. It gave both my husband and I the confidence to advocate for the birth we wanted and that felt natural to us. It was helpful in ways I hadn’t imagined possible and couldn’t have predicted. The core ethos being that as women we are powerful; we are designed to birth our babies. With calm and support we can do so without intervention. We can experience a healthy, empowering and joyful birth.

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HypnoBirthing is a great tool to have for your calm birth.
  • Jaimi Baker reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Byron and I were lucky enough to have Kirsty as our HypnoBirthing coach. Prior to our private classes, I had researched a lot about birth. I knew that I wanted a natural, calm birth with no interventions. Although labour and birth is a completely natural process, I knew having these expectations of myself, I needed to learn techniques to stay in the right frame of mind during pregnancy and labour. I wanted to give myself the best chance at achieving my goals. This is where HypnoBirthing came in. I approached Kirsty, and from the get go, she was so extremely positive and passionate about her own birth/hypnobirthing/all things natural, so I knew I was in the right hands. 

The content of the HypnoBirthing course is packed full of information, techniques and resources that I found incredibly helpful during my pregnancy and labour. As I learnt each unit of the course thoroughly, I was creating a beautiful bond with my husband and baby. To name only a few, I learnt the differences and effects on the mother and baby between a medicated birth and a drug free birth, I became fearless about birth, I learnt how real the mind body connection is, hypnosis and visualisation, and amazing breathing techniques that I use every day… still. 

I had a hospital birth with an Obstetrician. I knew I had to find someone that would allow me to have the birth that I wanted. Prof. Maneesh Singh allowed me to have the calm birth I planned. I played the relaxation track on repeat, zoned out on the birth ball, moved around freely, used water and breathed through surges like a boss. Surges were intense, but not once did I feel like my body couldn’t handle it. My body was made to give birth, and my body knew exactly what it was doing. My body was not breaking, my body and baby were working together. 

Kirsty was a great teacher, very punctual, approachable (always available to answer my questions) and a great listener. I thoroughly appreciated her relaxed, calm and passionate approach. Kirsty also provided me with a reputable masseuse, chiropractor, and placenta encapsulator on the Gold Coast. 

Thank you Kirsty for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I look forward to catching up with you again soon. 🙂

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