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  • Kimberley Hocart reviewed 4 years ago
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I didnt know a great deal about HypnoBirthing before the course but what I had heard made a lot of sense.  Cyndi is down to earth, experienced and makes this fun!

I especially liked that she has had 4 children and used the technique herself for 3 of them.

Before this course I knew very little of the physiology of birth and with the simple idea of ‘breathing baby down & out’ i saved myself from a lot of fear and a potentially long labour for a first time mum.  Understanding how the birth process works and what you can do for yourself to make it that little bit easier and maintain some control was just what I needed.  The skills my husband learned during the course were fantastic and he enjoyed the birth as well!  He felt useful in a situation where so many men don’t.

Thank you so much Cyndi!

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  • Lindsay Pongraz reviewed 5 years ago
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We cannot thank Cyndi enough for helping to provide us with the calm & natural birth we were blessed with our 2nd daughter Lottie! After a horrific inducted & instrumental 1st birth I was experiencing severe anxiety about having to go through labour & birth again… Cyndi was an angel that kept me grounded throughout the whole process as our doula & hypnobirth teacher which allowed a great start to life for Lottie & helped us bond instantly! Thanks to Cyndi I feel this will be my most empowered experience I will ever have in life!

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